Our Wedding

double rainbow wedding, maui wedding, kaanapali coffee farm

… and WE’RE BACK! I know we have been MIA for quite a while, but now we’re officially Mr. & Mrs.!!! We had a beautiful September wedding in Maui with some of our closest family and friends. If anyone is even debating a destination wedding, don’t think twice. It was the best decision we made [Read On]

Paleo Diet: One Size Does Not Fit All

one size doesn't fit all

Happy July 1st and happy 2nd half of 2013! Time sure flies… I can’t believe the year is already halfway over. I apologize for being MIA, but over the last couple months I had to take some personal time off to focus on many things from wedding planning to big birthday celebrations to health issues. Unfortunately, [Read On]

Cupcakes to Crossfit + Preppy Chic Blog


With today being the LAST day of our 6-Week Paleo Challenge, I want to make a big announcement!!! After doing a lot of professional & personal reflection, I have decided a little “online” spring cleaning is necessary. Over the last couple years I’ve run a blog for my event planning company called The Preppy Chic Blog. It’s been [Read On]

Paleo Challenge Week 6: Tiger Blood & Faileo

it's not about being the best

Yes, I’ve been a blogging failure this week. I started this post on Sunday and it’s now Thursday. I’m always amazing how busy life gets. I’ve officially made it to Week 6 of the Paleo Challenge (I’ve now lost track of days once we past 30). I feel like I’m in the last leg of [Read On]

Wednesday Words: Things That Fire Me Up


This post was originally posted on 3/13/13 on The Preppy Chic Blog: I’m so sad that I couldn’t make it to Making Things Happen 2013, which starts today. Last year, this program changed my life, my company and my vision of the future. It really gave me the opportunity to dig deep and reflect upon what I [Read On]

Wednesday Words: Creating Momentum


This post was originally posted on 2/27/13 on The Preppy Chic Blog: I can’t believe February 2013 is almost over! The year is flying by so quickly! I also can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years (this March) from when I started this blog. What started off as a place to showcase wedding inspiration & real [Read On]

Paleo Challenge Day 3: Motivation & Paleo Banana Bread

paleo banana bread

{via} I am not an athlete. I didn’t grow up playing team sports (or any sports for that matter). I was a dancer and cheerleader, but I don’t think that compares. Although we “worked out”, we never ran miles or pushed ourselves to a level of fitness that soccer players, basketball players, swimmers, runners, etc… do [Read On]

Happy 1st Birthday

coconut cupcake_1st birthday_pink candle

I can’t believe how fast time flies.  It’s been a year since we wrote our first blog post… so Happy Birthday!!! {disclaimer: this is not a paleo cupcake} {image via a creative mint} It’s only fitting that on Monday, I will start a strict 6-week Paleo Challenge at our CrossFit gym. Sometimes it takes being [Read On]

The Paleo Journey Begins Again

short ribs and kale

Week 1 of the New Year restarting our Paleo journey has gone reasonably well. While we’re not 100% strict right now (we’re trying to ease our way back in), I forgot how much I love cooking, using our slow cooker, going to the Farmer’s Market and feeling less sluggish & lazy. We will probably do a 30-day [Read On]

Wednesday Words: Inspiration for a New Year & a New You


This post was originally posted on 1/2/13 on The Preppy Chic Blog: I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. Mainly because I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure. No one wants to fail right? Instead, I make decisions to try harder, do better, take action and strive to be the best me I can [Read On]

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