Paleo Challenge Day 23: The Shelf Life of Food {infographic}


I love infographics. Maybe because I’m a visual learner so if I read something that is also a pretty picture my brain remembers it. This infographic on “The Shelf Life of Food” is great because I always question how long I can leave things in the fridge or counter. I found apples that were in [Read On]

Go Nuts! {infographic}


Are nuts good? Aren’t they fatty? Why is a peanut not a nut? So many questions!  Check out this cool infographic by Greatist that gives you the 411 on NUTS! {infographic via Greatist}

The Evolution of Grocery Confusion {infographic}

evolution of grocery confusion infographic by shopwell

When going to the grocery store there is so much confusion over what is healthy or what should the nutrition label say that it makes grocery shopping overwhelming!  Back in the day it used to be as simple as going to a farmer’s market, hunting & gathering, or trading with your neighbor!  Fresh fruits, veggies, [Read On]

Free Your Feet {infographic}


You know my obsession with infographics… so here is a great one via X Ray Technician Schools on why running shoes do more harm than good. Created by: X Ray Technician Schools

Sitting is Killing You {infographic}


The other night after working out I was having problems every time I sat down and stood up.  When I would sit down for more than 30 minutes at my desk, my legs wouldn’t function when I stood up.  My calves cramped, my abs hurt when I stood up straight and it was like my [Read On]

Why You Need More Sleep {infographic}


I love sleeping and napping.  Sometimes Mike likes to compare me to an infant because I can sleep and nap all day, but yet I’m an insomniac at night! Did you know reducing your nighttime sleep time by 1.5 hours can impair your alertness by 32%!  And for those who get just 6 hours of sleep increases [Read On]

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo {infographic}


I love infographics.  I shared a few on our Facebook wall (although you have to download them to really zoom in).  We originally posted an infographic in our What is Paleo? article, but I think this infographic might beat them all. Here is “The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo” {image by}:

Fruits, Veggies & Pesticides {infographic}


I love infographics. This one on ecomom is great. It explains the health risks of pesticides from eating just one apple! {image from ecomom}

What is Paleo?


After reading so many books, blogs & articles, I didn’t think I’d write a post about “What is the Paleo Diet?” since I assumed it was common knowledge by now.  However, after seeing the reactions & hearing the responses of my friends and especially well-educated-in-health family members, I have decided it is necessary to emphasize [Read On]

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