Paleo Diet: One Size Does Not Fit All

Happy July 1st and happy 2nd half of 2013! Time sure flies… I can’t believe the year is already halfway over. I apologize for being MIA, but over the last couple months I had to take some personal time off to focus on many things from wedding planning to big birthday celebrations to health issues. Unfortunately, I had to have an unexpected surgery and so I have been focusing on my health and recovering instead of blogging. However, this health “scare” has given me some time to reflect about my health, fitness & just life.

Almost a year and a half ago (Feb 2012 to be exact) I started on my paleo journey. During that time some of my health issues were “cured” (or so I thought). I’m going to be a little vague because I’m not comfortable sharing with world my health problems. Because my test results last year came back negative I got cocky and assumed I was fine and so I skipped my 3-6 month checkups. One year later this April I went to the doctor and after many tests found out that what I had progressed into something way bigger than even in the past. So I was scheduled for an immediate surgery.

Now, I definitely agree with many of the beliefs and health benefits of the paleo diet, but what I realized is that not all Paleo diets should be considered equal. I mean I knew that (I read a lot about different versions of Paleo in the Practical Paleo book), but I still followed only the basic guidelines of Paleo and did not tailor it to my lifestyle. I should’ve realized I wasn’t a “one size fits all” type of girl, I mean, if I can’t even wear clothing that is one size fits all, why should my diet be the same!

one size doesn't fit all I discovered that the large amount of red meat I was eating (even though grass-fed & hormone-free) was actually making me sicker than healthier. Again, this is ONLY specific to me. I know many Paleo people who eat meat and are fine. I also discovered that I have a weak immune system and need to take different approach to both diet and fitness.

The bottom line is every person is different in their metabolic, dietary, and lifestyle needs, so the key to being healthy is MODERATION and DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR BODY. People get so hyped up on asking “is that paleo?” that they forget about balance and the bigger picture. Eating eggs & bacon every morning and a steak at night is not healthy. Doing 7 days in a row of intense CrossFit is not healthy. Listen to your body and remember, one size does NOT fit all!

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  1. sfb says

    Thank you for this post. I believe in the Paleo diet and have seen it do remarkable things for myself and my clients. However, like you, I got sicker on it. I limited my carbs so much that I had no energy to even run a 100 m in Crossfit. I also was not sleeping well, had dry skin and was grouchy all the time. I realized I need to add in starches and occasionally eat some grains. It has made all the difference in my health. We are all bio individual people and because it worked for you, does not mean it will work for me. Get well soon.

  2. says

    I feel like I am constantly preaching this! I love eating a Paleo diet, but my diet is probably very different from yours and any other Paleo-eater. I keep peanut butter by the spoonful and whipping cream in my coffee, but have warded off cauliflower and almonds. And I feel great!

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