The Final Countdown

I’m sure you’re wondering why there hasn’t been much activity on the blog. While we wanted to spend the summer inspiring you all to cook healthier & work out, we were busy wedding planning. The Mr. and I are getting married next week in Maui!!!

M+S+161-2219584436-O_1200x800Once all the wedding madness and travel slow down we will be back in business. Sadly, after my surgery, I wasn’t able to workout at all (I think I’m one of the only brides to not workout or diet before getting married because I was on healthwatch and had to actually gain weight and rest!). Good thing the Mr. has been going to CrossFit a ton and working out for the both of us!

Anyway, the radio silence will end soon, but I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!

Maui or bust….

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