Paleo FAQs


Besides trying to explain to people what the Paleo Diet is, answering the list of questions, such as “why don’t you eat quinoa when it’s good for you?” has made me realize that besides knowing the diet guidelines, understanding why you’re supposed to eat or not eat certain things is extremely important. Modern society has [Read On]

What is Paleo?


After reading so many books, blogs & articles, I didn’t think I’d write a post about “What is the Paleo Diet?” since I assumed it was common knowledge by now.  However, after seeing the reactions & hearing the responses of my friends and especially well-educated-in-health family members, I have decided it is necessary to emphasize [Read On]

The Paleo Grocery List


Being an absolute beginner to starting a Paleo diet, learning what ingredients to buy and have in our kitchen will be a continual learning process.  This Paleo grocery list will evolve over time as our journey progresses, but here is a start. The Staples: Spices & Flavors Coconut flour Almond meal / flour Balsamic vinegar [Read On]

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