{inspiration} Yoga by Equinox

yoga equinox briohny smyth

This is not a new video (it was released about 2 months ago, but has over 3 million views!).  When I originally saw it I was inspired to work harder in my yoga practice.  The teacher, Briohny Smith, was actually one of the yoga teachers at my local Equinox, so it’s really exciting to see [Read On]

Paleo Chocolate “Elvis” Protein Smoothie

Banana Chocolate Elvis Smoothie

Elvis Presley made the grilled sandwich with peanut butter, sliced banana and bacon famous. “The Elvis” is not paleo approved; however, I do love the flavor of peanut butter & banana, so here is my version of “the Elvis” in a paleo-ish approved smoothie.  I don’t know if you can call this breakfast, but it [Read On]

2012 Paleo Community Survey

business graph

Did you know that in 2011, blogs were the #1 source of information and education for the paleo diet and nutrition?  Blogs were also the #1 answer to “where did you learn about the paleo diet?” According to the 2011 Paleo Community Survey (by Naturally Engineered), in which 6,104 people participated in, the paleo diet was [Read On]

Sitting is Killing You {infographic}


The other night after working out I was having problems every time I sat down and stood up.  When I would sit down for more than 30 minutes at my desk, my legs wouldn’t function when I stood up.  My calves cramped, my abs hurt when I stood up straight and it was like my [Read On]

{Inspiration} Be Fit & Try Hard

fit girls look good naked

On my other blog, The Preppy Chic Blog {about weddings, lifestyle & girly stuff} I have a section every Wednesday called “Wednesday Words” that contains inspirational quotes on life, business & creativity.  I always love inspirational quotes & photos, so thought I’d start putting some “fitness & health” related inspiration on this blog because sometimes [Read On]

Dining Out {on Paleo} with Friends

the counter burger - paleo order

During the first 30 days of eating Paleo, I tried to cook every meal at home (literally).  Before I started the diet I ate out or got take out almost every day, so I was extremely nervous and did not trust myself to face my “usual” restaurant spots.  I might have ended up with this… [Read On]

I Heart Lululemon & Reebok

new reebok shoes

I have a slight shopping addiction.  I guess you can call me a mild shopaholic  Whether it’s for the newest J.Crew collection or for the cutest new Lululemon patterns (especially this season’s bright bold colors), I have a weakness for fashion. Recently, I’ve been on the search for new running/work-out shoes because my old Asics [Read On]

Why You Need More Sleep {infographic}


I love sleeping and napping.  Sometimes Mike likes to compare me to an infant because I can sleep and nap all day, but yet I’m an insomniac at night! Did you know reducing your nighttime sleep time by 1.5 hours can impair your alertness by 32%!  And for those who get just 6 hours of sleep increases [Read On]

30 Days of Paleo & Crossfit Elements Completed!

strong is the new skinny

I want to take a side step for a moment to state how incredibly proud I am of myself that I have officially completed 30 days of Paleo and a full 2-week introduction to Crossfit (aka on-ramp / elements)!!! Where it all began… I began my journey in the beginning of February after being extremely sick [Read On]

Crossfit vs. Zumba {video}

Zumba how we feel how we look

I apologize in advance if this offends anyone, but it was so funny I just had to share. I was literally crying by the end of the video. I have a best friend who LOVES Zumba and I always give her a hard time about it so when I saw this I just had to [Read On]

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